COVID-19 Update May 2020 – Belle Casa (High Wycombe)

COVID-19 Update – May 2020

At Belle Casa (High Wycombe) we are committed to following the government guidelines and protecting both our clients and housekeepers as much as possible during these terrible times.
We have given the following guidance to our housekeepers following guidance from Her Majesty’s Government and Public Health Authorities:

  • Housekeepers should notify their clients on their arrival and if possible notify the client via SMS in advance of their arrival.
  • Housekeepers are advised to wash their hands regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds at a time.
  • Wipe door handles with antibacterial soap when leaving a room including the front & back door.
  • Our Housekeepers have been issued with disposable gloves & have been instructed to use a fresh pair of gloves every time they visit a new household. Our housekeepers will dispose of used gloves in a responsible manner.
  • Should any housekeeper develop symptoms of COVID-19 they will follow the government guidelines to self-isolate for 7 days and inform their clients and us as a company.

Whilst we are confident that the above measures will ensure that our housekeepers can work safely in our clients’ homes we would ask that if a client is present when our housekeepers visit the client follows the following guidelines:

  • Remain 2 metres away from the housekeeper at all times
  • If possible isolate in an alternative room whilst the housekeeper is working
  • Wash hands thoroughly after the housekeeper has left

At Belle Casa (High Wycombe) we want to ensure that we are still offering our services to those people who require them in a safe and manageable manner. Should you have any concerns or wish to ask any questions please contact us on 01494 520 420 or

From all of us at Belle Casa (High Wycombe)

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